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Jesus’ Home, Then And Now

    I am so glad that way back then Jesus was born to a poor couple and laid in a manger. I am glad because my Bible teaches me that today He wants to live in my heart (Jn.14:23). I sing the song that harmonically proclaims, “My heart shall be Thy throne.“ I have been pleased with myself for so singing. Surely Jesus is pleased by my giving Him permission to reign…to live…in my heart. But where is it exactly that I am asking Jesus to dwell? It’s not quite the Taj Mahal is it? I am forced to consider the truth about my heart. When I consider its weakness…its darkness…its coldness …I wonder if I should say anything at all about Him having it as His home or throne. For He deserves so much better, doesn’t He?

I remember Peter in Luke 5, as it dawns on him just who Jesus really was. He falls at Christ’s knees and begs Him to depart from him for, as he says, “I am a sinful man.” His mouth was saying, “Depart from me, Lord…” but everything within him was crying out, “Please, please, Lord, don’t go!” My heart is Peter…sinful, unworthy, yet longing, hoping against hope that Christ might do the unimaginable and stay. And He does. The Mighty Prince of Heaven did not think Himself too high to be born in poverty. Therein is my hope. He knows about poverty. He felt its cruelty…its weariness…its relentlessness. Yet He embraced it for you and me and transformed it. And He knows the poverty of my heart which would dream the impossible dream of Him coming to live there. He knows full well what a shabby place it is. Yet, praise Heaven, He comes home with me…not to visit…but to stay. You see He can reign from a manger in a stable. And He can reign in a heart like mine.

What wonderful changes occur because of His presence within! One day I will be fully like Him for He will see to that (Philippians 1:6).

Would you like for your heart to be His home? He said that if you want Him…if you will love Him…if you will respect and do what He teaches, you will know the pleasure of His love and His  presence within (John 14:23). And He will live with you until you live with Him f

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One thought on “Jesus’ Home, Then And Now

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    I want him to dwell in my heart and come to stay. I love the song that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart and being emotional “Lord Make Me A Servant, Make Me Like You , For You Are A Servant, Make Me One To”. When He Lives in us we will be this (Servant). Still trying to do it right.

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