Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes

Truth About Trust

The Bible, and life, make it clear that sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Our Corinthian brethren learned some spiritual truths but were holding them in a proud and off-putting way (1 Corinthians 8:1). This is characteristic of           immaturity and inexperience. Believe me, I have been there and done that. But now I am not proud of it and hope to avoid it in the future. One helpful way to leave behind our know-it-all attitudes (yes…I am assuming you are familiar with this spirit too) is to love the people with whom we are dealing, just as our Lord did when He lived among us. When we love another we are less tempted to assume a superior posture with them. Another corrective is to keep aware of the undeniable fact we do not know it all. This does not mean that we know nothing. We have been given the gift of faith that has come to us by hearing/learning/obeying the Word of God (see John 7:17, Romans 10:17 & Philippians 1:29). But inherent in the word “faith” or “trust” is the fact that we do not and cannot know or understand everything. And this does not mean that we should not be on a continual quest to learn and obey more of the will of God. We should! Still…we don’t know it all and should not act like we do! If everything were a matter of concrete and demonstrable reality, trust would not be needed, would it? If we had all the answers would we be needing to apply our hearts to instruction (see Proverbs 22:17 & 23:12)? But trust is required precisely because we do not know it all! But we know enough to understand that we can definitely trust God in what we know and in what we do not yet know. And, amazingly, He trusts us as well to embrace His truth humbly, obey it from the heart and share it in love with others.

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