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To Momma, From Skylar

   (I wrote what follows several years ago now. As the eleventh birthday of our first granddaughter, beautiful Skylar, approaches, I just felt I wanted to share it here. Skylar was born with some unusual difficulties that we eventually learned were a result of Kabuki syndrome. She is an amazing gift of God to us. How we love her!)

Dear Momma,       

If I could have…this is what I would have…already told you…

…For your radiance when you announced my coming to your side of our family while we were in Tulsa

…For the gift of music which you began giving me before I came forth

…For your growing eagerness as the day of my birth approached

…For all the shopping and all the work to fill my closet and make my nursery so nice

…For the demanding work of teaching school while you carried me inside

…For the careful way you watched over my development during the waiting days

…For the prayers you prayed for me

…For the labor  you went through

…For the way your eyes brightened when you first held me

…For the way your eyes shone when they told you we only had fifteen minutes together

…For your courage in letting them take me

…For your determination to leave the hospital the very next day to rejoin me

…For how beautiful you looked when you held me and rocked me in that special room at the children’s hospital

…For the way your look told me I was beautiful in your eyes even with tubes coming from everywhere

…For the way you were ready to take on anyone if you thought they did less than their best for me

…For all the diapers you dealt with

…For all the feedings, especially the ones when you were exhausted

…For all the questions you asked God

…For all the concerns you pondered in your heart

…For all the times your heart was torn between being at home with me and going to work to provide for me

…For all the appointments you kept…all the miles you traveled

…For all the medicines you administered

…For your tears– of concern over what was next, of frustration over unclear answers, of joy over my progress

…For understanding me first and best of all

…For your gentle teaching and encouraging that helps me learn and grow

…For praying with me and for me

…For singing Jesus songs to me

…For teaching me how Jesus loves all of us little children so

…For delighting in me and making me feel so loved

…For trying to be patient when you are so tired and I am so stubborn

…For your tenderness when I am sick

…For your firmness when I must learn what I don’t want to learn

…For  all the times I have seen it in your eyes and heard you say of me, “She’s beautiful!” 

      I want you to know how glad I am…so very glad…that you’re my momma…the World’s Best!    Love, Skylar

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2 thoughts on “To Momma, From Skylar

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    This is beautiful Doug, helping us think about how much Jenny (Momma) did for Skylar. And still does. Now Jenny is going to have another child soon and Skylar will be so loving and helping to touch this new little babies life. Skylar has given us all in the family lots of goodness and simple but yet big things that mean a lot to us. Most of all Love (simply Love). Thanks Jenny for all you have done to help us be part of her Precious Life. Hope her birthday is Wonderful. Age 11.

  2. This is beautiful Doug. Made me cry all the way through. I often think about
    what an awesome job Jenny is doing with here children. Love all of them so much.

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