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No Pets


Abraham was called by God to leave home and travel to a   destination unknown to him. By faith he did just that, but as soon as he got to Canaan a famine forced him to leave for Egypt. God had told him that he would be a blessing and that his name would be great. But the calling and blessing of Abraham by God didn’t mean that he was God’s pet. Joseph was given dreams of a future which indicated that he would fill a role of authority and command respect even from his own parents and brothers. But none of that meant that he would never suffer hardship. David was anointed to be king of Israel but endured years of running for his life from the jealous king Saul. Throughout the  Bible, God’s women and men, who were greatly blessed to be God’s people, nevertheless suffered many things. They did not receive special treatment on earth simply because they belonged to God. In fact it seems that often they had it even tougher in life precisely because they were God’s folk. So what was I expecting when I became a Christian? Exactly what promises has God made to His children of faith? We are not God’s pets. We are His servants. And there are difficulties to face as we align ourselves with Him and His will (and this may be a huge understatement depending on your circumstances). But we will not be alone. Stephen was not alone when he was stoned. Paul was not alone when he had to defend himself. He was not alone even when no other Christians stood by him. The Lord was with him, strengthening him. Remember that even our Lord Jesus Christ was not treated as a pet by Father God. For our sake the One Who had been the richest One in the   universe, became poor and knew what it was like to have no place to lay His head. Now what will I do about this? Will it be enough for us…for me (His disciples), to be like our Master, and so to honor Him?


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One thought on “No Pets

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    I know we are not His Pet. We are His Children and going to face trials because of it. I have not faced anything like some and the maybe more than some but I know this one thing “I have never been alone”. He will never leave us or forsake us and I learn this more each day I live. He wants us to Stand Firm in the Faith and He wants us to be strong and courageous in knowing he Loves Us and is With Us. And sometimes has human beings we wonder if he is there. But if will take a minute or so to look at our Life, He Is So There. I don’t say anymore that isn’t that a coincidence what happened to me one day that is a help to me but now I say My God Is Taking Care of Me. Isn’t this most precious to us when we truly understand
    that is what is going on!!!!!

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