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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No doubt you have heard the above “old saw.” Maybe you have used it yourself. I know I have. There’s a bunch of evidence supporting it, isn’t there? There was an article in a British website called the Daily Mail (October, 2014) commenting on a survey of 350 doctors, that revealed about 1 in 5 doctors, would hesitate, or perhaps refuse, to help a victim at the scene of an accident for fear they would be sued. Our Lord fed a crowd with the result that many of the crowd kept pursuing Him in hopes that they would get another meal. On several occasions He miraculously healed people, but because it was on a particular day of the week (Sabbath) He was sharply criticized by some of the most religious folks you could find. When He spent time with people from the wrong side of the tracks, He was regarded as guilty by association. lf He attended a wedding party, He was called a glutton. He spoke spiritual truth and was called blasphemous. He cast demons out of terribly afflicted people and was accused of doing so by the head of the demons, Satan, But though “punishment” often does attend good deeds, there is another and far greater consideration. Our Father God watches over such deeds  and never forgets them. Also, people are blessed by such deeds, and there is a reward in that as well. Our Lord felt the sting, but would not stop going about doing good. Thousands were blessed! God was honored! The Kingdom was established And, today, we worship such a Lord Who wouldn’t be stopped from helping the needy and the helpless. Not only do we worship Him, but we try to imitate Him. So when you are reminded, as you probably will be, that good deeds can get you into trouble, think of our Jesus and keep on following His lead. Help us, Lord!



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One thought on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    I an thinking if we know our Father that it is going to come natural to do good deeds. And I don’t think we will stop and think of it too seriously about whether we should do the good deed if we know Him. I have never been there yet to be in trouble for doing some good for someone. Or at least I cannot think of it right now. Oh maybe a tiny bit of not feeling understood sometimes about something good I did but nothing major. Most people appreciate a kindness and care. We need the “random acts of kindness toward our fellowman often”. I have had that happen before.

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