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Peeking At The World


EmiEJ Oakeslyn Jane Oakes was born on February 1st. She is our eighth grandchild…our sixth little girl. The day began with great expectations. The doctor told our daughter-in-law to come to the hospital that morning if the baby had not already come. They had chosen not to know beforehand whether the little one was a girl or a boy, so the anticipation level was even higher. One moment we didn’t know her/him at all…what he/she looked like, how much they would weigh or what length the child would measure. We only knew that all the preparations that could be made were made…all the prayers prayed…all the dreams dreamed. The next moment here she was…all seven pounds, 5 ounces, twenty and a half inches long of her. Fresh from God! Getting her first look at the people who will be so dear to her in this life…her mother and father…big sister and brother. She heard her first prayer, even if she didn’t understand it, as we asked God to help us do all we could to see that she grew up loving Him and being His. The wonder of it all registered with us again. As my friend Mike Grose wrote of her arrival, “…Another blessed reminder that there is still hope!” And I would add, “Another sacred trust God has given to us in little Emilyn.” Dear Emilyn Jane, You came to us from the heart of Father God…a gift to a wonderful mother and father, sister and brother who love you with all their being…an indication that God hasn’t given up on this old world yet…a trust that all we who love you so take very seriously to protect you and help you in every good way to grow to the fullness of your unique self in God’s wise plan…a reminder of the most important priority in our life together, to love one another as Jesus loves us. I am so glad I got to meet you. Can’t wait for all the things you have to teach me. You are a wonderful adventure begun! I now have another huge (though you are so little) and amazing reason for praising God! May His blessings be upon you and may the day come when you know and are glad that it is so! How I love you, little girl!

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5 thoughts on “Peeking At The World

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    Well said as usual my Brother. Tears are in my eyes right now about the way you love and said things about your beautiful little girl Emilyn Jane. We love her so much and glad she is safe in the arms of her family. Love You Doug.

  2. Congratulations, Doug and Vicki! We just had our 14th! Every one is special! God is so good!

  3. Congratulations, Doug and Gail! We just had our 14th! Every one is special! God is so good!

  4. Gail Oakes on said:

    Art – Doug and Vicki is the grandparents. Gail Oakes is the Great Aunt.
    Thanks for including me though, I am so proud of all my family.

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