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Young or Old?

I read of a child (such a little darling) who asked an elderly person, “Are you old?” To this the senior responded, “No dear! I have simply been young for a very long time!” I, like you, hear the rationalizations that we old folk come up with. “You are not getting older, you are getting better.” Or, “Age is just a number.” Or, “Seventy is the new fifty.” Now, I have responses to all of those, but I will spare you. There is no denying that for us whose hair has gone grey or just gone, whose joints predict the weather and whose teeth come out at night we are growing bodily old. That’s why I am very glad that God didn’t only give us a body. He breathed into Adam’s nostrils giving him not only physical but spiritual life. All Adam’s descendants receive the same. But for believers there is a wonderful gift because of Jesus Christ. In a very real sense, they are not growing old (except in body). They are always being renewed inwardly. Isaiah put it this way (40:31), “…those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.” The Apostle Paul said this, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16). New Testament believers were not looking forward to ultimate death, but to ultimate life…not to departing earth, but to arriving in Paradise…not to being unclothed, but being truly clothed…not to the end, but to the beginning. We ought not pity old saints. Respect them. Help them. Learn from them. Have compassion. Pray. Serve. Care. But don’t pity them! They are nearer now to what they have been aiming for so long…what they have been longing for and serving for…the city that has real foundations whose Builder and Maker is God. Are you young? Or old? More importantly, what are you aiming at?



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One thought on “Young or Old?

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    Appreciate this blog for the reminder of old age. We are suppose to get old, it can’t stay the same. And I do believe what Doug has said it is to our advantage that our God is preparing a place for us as we leave this earth. It is kind of scary to leave this life where we have only known about this world and our families. But I am going to trust that what God has for us is so Wonderful and so less of worries and sickness, loosing our friends and family and being separated from them.

    I appreciate Doug talking about this again to make it Real, it is going to happen to the people who have been aiming for living for Jesus and trying to help other’s along the way. We have not lived perfectly but God is perfect and I am hanging on to what he has Promised. Heaven, God and Jesus will be there and people we have loved here on this earth. Cant imagine about eternity, no ending but only the
    Glory from the Heavenly places.

    I was thinking a lot of people think old people with memory things are a problem. Sometimes we don’t get things right, don’t mean to just our brains are getting old and can’t keep up. Our bodies are not as regular as they use to be, that means we can’t just eat anything anymore. There will be a sickness that will come eventually that no one wants to stay with old people, they put health care people (strangers) that come in. I understand some of that reasoning, regular people are not trained to do this. We have to go to footcare dr. to take care of our feet. Trimming my toenails never was that hard and now very hard toenails to trim and bend over to get to them. We interrupt each other in talking so we don’t forget what we want to say (and we are trying to not forget in that brief moment). But life is still good and
    know that we if all live long enough we will understand these things in the by and by. We just sang the song “Farther along we will know all about it”. That is talking about spiritual things and about our God. But this is true of life in our world with our bodies.

    Love Our Father and the plan he has for us that started in the beginning.


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