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Introducing Anna Reece

IMG_0751Our NINTH grandchild is two weeks old in this picture. She is beautiful, like her big sister, Skylar, and like her mother. She was born on Tuesday, March 8th at 11:23 AM. She weighed seven pounds and fourteen ounces. She was twenty and a half inches long…eagerly anticipated and heartily welcomed and bathed in love! God did it again…He surprised us with joy. She is His newest demonstration to us of divine artfulness. She is His poem of love to us. We, couldn’t quite form the mental picture of what she would look like right up until she came to us. Then we couldn’t imagine her any other way. As is the case with every single family blessed with an infant child in the whole wide world, when we hold her, or look at her, or think of her, our hearts fill completely up. We wonder what manner of child she will be. We pray a lot for her. We have both dreams and fears for her. Dreams, because God always presents babies into this world with so much potential…so many possibilities. Every single child is an almost unbelievable learning opportunity for those of us who are privileged to get to know them in this life. What excitement! So many firsts are ahead for her! Anna Reece will help to bring out the best in us…her family. We will have so  many opportunities to help…to clean up…to feed…to hold and hug and kiss…to play with…to read to…to sing Bible songs with…to rock to sleep…to go to bed exhausted and rise excited to begin another new day of loving and learning. But we have fears because we know something of the darkness of our world. But these fears we will war against by ceaseless prayer for her and her siblings and her parents. Her home is being built by her parents and her sister and brother with God. And that means it won’t be in vain. Anna Reece is a gift to us from above for which we give heartfelt thanks. She is a privilege granted to us which humbles us. She is a promise from God that better things are coming. She is a precious responsibility which we will all take seriously and with our whole hearts. She is a reminder that Jesus said “Unless we become like her, we cannot even enter into the kingdom of heaven.” So, just as she depends, without even realizing it, on the care of all those who love her so, we will depend on our Father God and not ourselves. And, as she grows in all the wonderful ways ahead, we will try to help her see in us the way of dependence upon on our loving Father God Who has given us each other, but more…He shattered the darkness and brought life and immortality to light through another little infant He gave the world…Who grew up to be the Savior of us all! Your mercies are new every morning, Father. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder and gift as Anna Reece! May she grow up knowing and loving you always!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Anna Reece

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    We love her very much and Jenny for having the courage and strength to bring her to us. I cannot wait to get to know here more as the journey goes on.
    I know Skylar, Trapper and Daniel are perfect for her examples to look to. And her Mother (who will always have a special place). For the grandparents and their undying love and being such a big part of her life like they have been for all their grandchildren. Thanks for saying Jesus overcame a dark world also. And prayers are being said often for our children in this world today and the other little children in this world we do not know but Our God does. Precious little Angels and so loved by most people who understand the life that comes from our God about these little ones. Our little Children mean the world to us.

  2. Thanks for loving her so much and all of the prayers. She has some amazing examples to mold her and for her to shape her life after. Love you Dad! Thanks for all of the words of wisdom you give us.

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