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Seeing With Our Father's Eyes


One of my own favorite hymns is an oldie called, “The Sands Have Been Washed.” The words came from a schoolteacher named Harriet Cole Nickerson who became too ill to teach, but produced a book of poems in the  mid-1800s. Charles Tilman found and set the words to music in 1895. The melody speaks to my heart, and the words speak for my heart. My imagination runs with the first line of the song, “The sands have been washed in the footprints of the Stranger on Galilee’s shore…” I am, over and over, struck with the thought that our Lord once lived here on our planet. But He didn’t come simply as a visitor, He came as one of us. He was one of the children who played on the dusty streets of Nazareth. He was a regular in the synagogue on the Sabbath. And His interest in the Old Testament scrolls would have been noticed with gladness and pride by the older worshipers there. They watched Him grow in wisdom as well as in body and in favor with Jehovah and with them also. No doubt some of them had to visit the carpenter’s shop where Jesus learned those skills from His father. They perhaps had to have something made or something repaired. The young carpenter did that kind of thing. But even though they knew Him, they were unprepared for the kind of graceful words He spoke to them. They knew Him, but they didn’t really know Him. There was an unknown quantity in Him that surprised and even angered them (Luke 4:22-30). Jesus was no stranger to Galilee. The sands of the seashore were washed in His footprints. He came to us…as us…for us. The wonder of it all amazes me yet. He is Immanuel!

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2 thoughts on “Immanuel

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    Always such wonderful thoughts you teach us about our Jesus.

    I wonder all the time why he can and could love us that he came to the earth (per His Father’s Instructions) to die for us. But I always remember that God’s Love is Great for Us despite my mind of being unworthy. God thinks we are worth it – Jesus dying for us. When I really think of this and meditate on what God and Jesus did for us it is mind boggling. But it makes me pause to really dwell on his Great Love. There is no Greater Love than a man lays down his life for his fellowman. But God’s love reached to our sins and saves us from the ugly sins that we have been a part of. I love Him better each day as I dwell on our God and His Great Love. Thanks to my brother for leading me thru the spiritual thoughts.

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