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You Count!

If you are anything like me, you are somewhat given to   extremes (I am quite ready to admit that many are not like meJ). It’s mostly either on or off…hot or cold…good or bad…up or down, etc. At least that’s how I seem to feel about it. We have our emotions (even if we do try to bottle them up inside ourselves). This may manifest itself in bunches of ways, but let me try to focus on one particular way: do you count with God? Do you matter to Him? It’s a big world. I don’t even show up as a speck on a satellite photo. I don’t have the ear of the movers and shakers of the world. Never have…never will. I may work for a large company where I feel insignificant. Many things about my life, health, finances and future are decided and controlled by other, more significant people, than I. But I learn to live with all of this. However, when those I live with, my family, my friends, my fellow Christians, are dismissive of me, it can really hurt, can’t it? Now I may, at times, be imagining this. But not always! But then they are often feeling what I am feeling. We do not matter! We try and fail to leave our “mark” in the world. Plans fail. Hopes are dashed. Relationships fracture. All our props may be kicked out from under us. What then? Well…we feel insignificant. We don’t  believe we would be missed by anyone if we left the world. We turn to our church…and what…? We get preached at, quoted to, and out-worked by good, zealous church members. So, again, we don’t measure up. Let this brief note encourage you to look away from everything…from every thought…from every person that screams your “insignificance” into your heart. Look away from the rat race of life. Come again to the pages of Holy Scripture. Let your faith be informed by the truth of how your Creator sees you, cares for you, plans for you, dwells with you and even sacrifices for you. If He is for you (Romans 8:31ff clearly teaches that), your life counts! You count! God says so!







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One thought on “You Count!

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    Thanks again Doug for helping remind me that NOT in my Father’s eyes am I insignificant. I go to church and worship and try to be a part but I cannot keep up with aging now. I sure cannot keep up in the matters of men and the world.
    I don’t even like much noise anymore, it is unsettling to me and others don’t see it like I do. They think I am a fuddy-duddy.

    I will continue until my Father calls me home to worship and Love Him. But I know there is not much use for older people in the world. Oh, there are some who love us who knew us from times past. But I am so Glad you remind me once again what we mean to Our God, Old and Grey hair is an Honor when you grow old in the Lord.

    Tears are in my eyes when you lead me in things to remind me of our Great God’s Heart of Love about us in every area in our life as we journey. But I know I cannot leap as high as I use to but I can still walk and hope that walk will help me to be closer to Him each day now and while I live and love Him.

    Sis Gail

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