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Profit And Loss

There is the old Greek story of Charon who was the boatman who took the dead across the River Styx. He reminded a poor woman that she had the right to drink of the Waters of Lethe that would make her forget everything about the life she was leaving. She was eager to drink, saying, “I will forget how I have suffered.” Charon told her, “Remember too that you will forget how you rejoiced.” She said, “I will forget my failures,” and he said, “And your victories as well.” She went on, “I’ll forget how I was hated.” And he reminded her, “You’ll forget how you were loved.” She thought it over and decided she wouldn’t drink.

To love is to risk. But the experience of loving is more than worth the risks incurred. Love suffers losses…painful losses. But in loving we are imitating our Maker Who so loved us that He gave His best treasure…His precious Son…for all humans. And He knew that His immeasurable gift of love would not only be rejected by most but would be nailed to a tree in bitter, inexplicable hatred. But His holy love compelled Him to love to the uttermost (John 13:1).

In holy loving we are not only imitating God we are being changed into His likeness. Love that is worthy of the name does something wonderful to us…it looks for something from us…and it fills us with the sense that in loving we are truly living as God intended. Because of love we put ourselves “out there” with no guarantees, except that we will know both profit and loss. The blessing of requited love instills within us sky-splitting joy. The pain of unrequited love or of helplessly watching our beloved suffer can put us through a kind hell on earth. But love can do no other than open us to both the joy and the sorrow. It is only in granting holy love free access to our hearts and free outlet through our lives that that we learn its most valuable lessons and experience its most wondrous power. This is how and why, ultimately, love never fails!

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3 thoughts on “Profit And Loss

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    I realize what you are telling us about Love and Loss. And how God was as far as I can understand with his Love. Sometimes I just want something back for my Love and caring. Not material things just acknowledgment of loving me. I know things move so fast today that people forget how to reach out or reach back. You cannot make people do this I know but sure wish we could get some of that. Even God wanted people to Praise and Worship Him in all He did for us. And we should willingly want to do this if we truly understand what he has done in sending His Son for us. People are desperate to be Loved and even Liked.

  2. Saw a sign … “Love Always Wins” … been trying since that day to think of a time when love lost … still trying. Thanks, Doug. We need to “live loved”.

  3. Gail Oakes on said:

    Live Loved, thanks for that thought Art. It makes a difference in how we live when we understand that “Live Loved”. Nobody has loved us like Jesus. Someone, an older gentleman who was a preacher said the song “Jesus Loves Me” always helped him to know and sing this little simple song. This is what we always need to Know!!! This older man was 92 and He said this song helped him always in his life.

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