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A Child, Born…A Son, Given Isaiah 9:6

The Prophet’s words were to give hope to a nation (and to the entire world) which was to come under judgment of God. He comforts them by saying, “To us a Child is born…” Very well, but children were born everyday weren’t they? But this Child …though He was similar in many respects to other children…was also very different.

A Child is born. Children are proof that God hasn’t completely given up on the world. Children represent promise. They offer a chance…a chance to love…to be unselfish…to sacrifice…to train…to teach…to learn…to serve…to be tender…a chance to do better.

Children are joy-bringers. They major in joy. They inspire it and delight in it. When Jesus was born there was great praise offered. There was  angelic  singing. Joy and peace were the score upon which the music of hope was written. Lowly shepherds worshiped. People who lived in darkness saw a Great Light. A star marked the way to Him. A mother who had said, “Yes!” to God, knew that something special was underway. A stepfather, watching, felt a pride well up in him…for such a wife…for such a Son. The Heavenly Father delighted in the scene for which the ages had waited. And with it all, He was very well pleased.

The Child born soon became the Son given…born for us…given for us. Given to loneliness…given to hardship…given to weariness…given to hunger…given to thirst…given to temptations…given to criticism…given to poverty…given to misunderstanding …given to tears… given to sufferings…BUT…given also to love…given to service…given to helping…given to healing…given to fellowship…given to teaching…given to believing in others and helping them believe also in His belief in them…given to listening…given to prayer…given to fasting…given to truth…given to loyalty…given to God’s righteousness…given for our saving…given to cruel death…given to the tomb…given to life again…and given again to each soul who will receive Him as Savior.

For to us a Child is born…God’s promise of joy to the world, peace on earth, and good will to mankind. For to us a Son is given…God’s proof…of love to one and all…of how much He wants us home with Him…of the sacrificial lengths to which He has gone for you…for me…for all.

The Child Who was born and the Son Who was given brought life to a dead world, light to a dark world and real hope to a despairing world.

Merry Christmas!


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3 thoughts on “A Child, Born…A Son, Given Isaiah 9:6

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I love the plan God made for us and Jesus obeyed His Father to the End.
    Because of this We Do Have Hope like no other Hope. Great Lover of Our Souls!!!

  2. Thanks, Doug, for the reminder. Given to people like I am! Amazing. Unbelievable but believed. Thank you. May God give you a precious Christmas and a very special new year.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Christmas Morning, read this again. I am so glad for the Child that was born and was Son of God and gives us Great Hope to be His Child. Jesus Christ!!!!

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