Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes

Christ’s Undertakers

Would they have thought how often His spike-pierced feet had traveled the dusty streets of Palestine, not on holiday, not for personal reasons or for a political agenda, but only to seek and save helplessly lost people? Would they have gazed on those wounded hands and thought how they had worked so hard in the carpenter’s shop to provide for His own or how, in these last few years, they had only moved in selfless love to lift some traveler’s load, to touch one of society’s outcasts or to take up some child for the blessing? Would they have looked upon His face, now barely recognizable, and thought how often He had smiled upon other sufferers and how that smile took all their sorrows away? Would they have looked upon His chest and back, mangled by the fierce scourging and wondered how it could have come to this for the strong and wise young Rabbi? Would they have looked at the spear wound and thought how completely vulnerable He had made Himself, never more so than here, completely exposed at Golgotha? Would they have been amazed at His pale appearance due to the incredible blood loss as the thirsty ground drank every drop that fell to it? Would they have remembered how the Old Law taught that the life is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11)? Would their minds have reeled as they tried to understand it? As they carried His body to Joseph’s tomb were their senses shocked at the sheer injustice of this death? Were they embarrassed and so shamed by what their “spiritual” leaders, in league with Rome, had brought about? Did they regret being part of a society which could choose Barabbas and condemn Jesus? As they rolled the large stone into its groove and it rocked into place, did they feel that something within them had also died and was buried with Him in there? Did they…could they…imagine that life would ever be the same again? How does one adjust after the Event at Calvary? What could ever make things right? This unholy execution caused Joseph and Nicodemus to expose themselves as they undertook the last service they could offer Christ in caring for His earthly remains. As the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth gave birth and nourishment to goodness in the souls of so many, so the death of Jesus did for these two men on that Friday evening long ago. All their questions hung about them awaiting, yes, demanding answers. And though it may have seemed like an eternity to them, those answers would come heralded by a powerful earthquake only hours away.


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One thought on “Christ’s Undertakers

  1. Gail Oakes on said:

    The resurrection must have been something for those who first hand saw all that went on with Jesus death. But then what they must have experienced in his Raising From Death. They really had something to know and feel and talk about after the Best Happening to the them at that time. And now to the Christians today that sees the meaning of eternity because of this happening. He Arose, He Arose – Hallelujah He Arose. Thankful to Our God for his plan for us and he never gave up on this plan for sinners. That’s me.


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