Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes

Should We Just Quit?

Can you make a mental list of Peter’s failures regarding his Lord? I’m sure we can all remember three times one very dark night. His heart couldn’t always cash the checks his mouth wrote. BUT, to his lasting credit, he wanted to be all in for Jesus. And he finished strong in faith. Listen, we all fail. Maybe you are like me…sometimes, it feels like I’m a lot better at failing than succeeding. Should we just quit? If we do, that would be the worst and most final of all failures.  Once Peter asked Jesus to leave him. He didn’t think Jesus should be in the presence of a sinner like him. But Jesus wouldn’t do that. Praise His Name! If we allow possible failure to cause us not to try something new for Jesus, well, that might indicate we are more concerned with how we appear to others than we should be. Some endeavors are worth failing for, aren’t they? If we always shrink back for fear of failing, we limit ourselves in the realm of growth. Let us rather fail in service to Christ than succeed in anything without Him! Our presence in the Sunday assemblies doesn’t mean we have it all together. It means we are still aiming to please Jesus. Though we fail and we fall, we will get back up by His grace and never…ever…not ever…quit!

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