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Living In The Superlative?!

I love the superlative language I’ve heard used by great preachers as they speak of God and devotion to Him. I know it’s legit! I know it’s called for, and that it’s Biblical (often). But when I hear of “radical” faith or “total” commitment and “complete” surrender…when I listen to the familiarity some speakers seem to have with God…so much so that one would think hardly a second goes by for them when they aren’t caught up into the third heaven with God…I must confess that I have not often trodden upon such heights. I know there are amazing mountain-top experiences recorded of God’s folks in the Bible. But my reading of it doesn’t lead me to believe the lives of any of those folks of faith were uninterrupted rapture. I do want to be inspired. And I am, very often, by the good earth and by the good people around me…by good worship and good sharing of the Good News of Jesus. I am thankful for good spiritual leaders and godly preachers and teachers, but maybe there’s  also a place for people who are not up to climbing the mountain and meeting there with the God Whose mighty voice shook the whole place and Whose presence made everything tremble and smoke. Such folks want to know God’s will too, but deem themselves unworthy or incapable of such a lofty encounter. What does God think of people like me? All I know is that Deuteronomy 5:23-28 gives me lots of hope. And, according to Romans 15:4, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. In the Deuteronomy passage, the people of Israel are speaking reverently to Moses as they request that he be their go-between God and them. They are overcome with the majesty of God and do not feel up to the continued experience of Mount Sinai with it’s terrible shaking, smoking and shining, along with the blast of the trumpet that grew increasingly loud. They feel that long and/or repeated exposure to such an overwhelming manifestation of God would be too much for them to handle. And God told Moses that the people’s response was good (verse 28). The truth is our God is great and is greatly to be praised (Psalm 145:3). And I want to be in the number of those that praise Him greatly, don’t you? The only way is to focus on Him, not on ourselves. But, honestly, sometimes I have trouble focusing. I don’t think God is surprised by that though others are, at times. I still think He is leading me to understand that He can get glory for Himself even with a cracked pot, like me. Don’t give up! And don’t ever quit! Not ever!!! I’m pulling for you. And I’ll gladly accept any pulling from you on my behalf. I am grateful for the mountain-top experiences God has graciously granted me in my life. But I also need, on a daily basis, the grace to always live in blessed relationship with my Father God which includes listening to Him and obeying what He says (Deuteronomy 5:27).


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2 thoughts on “Living In The Superlative?!

  1. Marie Brooks on said:

    I appreciate your insights and comments Doug. And I will always be pulling for you..

  2. Sis Gail on said:

    Yes I don’t know if I could take all the majesty of God like Moses did on the Mountain. I might have died with all that loud, trembling, shaking and thunder. I like Rom. 15:4 Everything written in the past was for our teaching for our endurance and encouragement of the scripture we might have hope. So I don’t need the mountain top experience now, one day Heaven will be it (the mountain top). I hope if God comes back and I am alive that I can take his coming back in the clouds and glory to get us. But I will be aware of this transition because the scripture has taught me. So I like Jesus just working with the simple, common people like me. Trusting Him at a distance in my body now and someday will be up close in the spirit. I like this Hope.

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