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When We Come To Christ

Truly amazing things happen when we come home to Jesus Christ. The Hebrew writer lets us in on some astounding realities, which we are unable to see with our eyes (Hebrews 12:22-24). But that’s okay, for we are able to see much better by faith (a point Hebrews brings home in a masterful way).  In the near context of this passage, we are told that we have not come to a burning mountain that could be touched (12:18),         referring to Sinai and the Law of Moses given there. Those assembled there saw and heard spectacular things that moved them, uncharacteristically, to a great show of reverence for God. Unfortunately, their reverence did not last. But, the Hebrew writer continues to say that Christians have come to an entirely different         and vastly superior experience of God.

Christian, are you (are we) aware that we were admitted, by Jesus’ blood, to the real Mount Zion…to the heavenly Jerusalem…to the city of God? What the Old Testament faithful were looking forward to, we have. That which was promised to them…which they, in their lifetimes, did not fully receive but rather which they greeted from afar…we have. We actually are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven…residents in the city of God, the city which has foundations (that last forever), whose Builder and Maker is God (Heb.11:10). We have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly. Think of the glory God manifested in the angels He used to carry forward His redeeming and renewing of the world. We have fellowship with the     joyful angels! Can we believe these things and yawn and consider our lives mundane? Listen, please, these are spiritual realities, but they are realities revealed to us by the very word of God. We see them by faith. The importance of our assemblies as well as other times in our lives when we commune with our Father God, is, at least in part, to help us lift our eyes from mortal things and earthly matters which we are at times       tempted to believe are the real “realities” that we may consider the most important realities of all. We are not only flesh and blood. We are spirit. And God, from the beginning, meant us to live with Him in loving    fellowship forever.

The writer goes on (12:23f) to tell us we have come to and are members of the “general assembly and church of the firstborn.” Sisters and brothers, as incredible as it may seem, our names are enrolled in heaven. Are you able to believe this? Feed your faith upon it! God said it and that settles it! We have come to God, the Judge of all. And He judges us to be part of the Body of His Son Jesus Christ! We have come to the spirits of the just ones (made so by their faith), now made perfect (please read Heb.11:40). Neither they nor we could have been spiritually finished or complete without the work that Jesus did here on earth. At the        conclusion of this section, the Hebrew writer reminds us that we have come to Jesus, without Whom we could not even imagine ourselves in such a glorious setting and condition. The blood of His sacrifice enabled Him to mediate our wonderful New Covenant. His blood speaks so much better than Abel’s blood. Abel’s blood cried out for vengeance (Gen.4:10), but our Savior’s blood cries out for forgiveness. Aren’t you glad? I am!

When we find ourselves plodding along in daily life (which we all must do at times)…when we are bone-weary or hurting…when we are frustrated or disappointed…or even when things have been going very well for us…try to remember these truths about your actual condition in Jesus Christ. Our place in God’s heart and His plan can provide us balance in life, motivation to keep trying, strength to say “No!” when we should as well as “Yes!” when we should and freedom from the fears and doubts that work against the will of God being done in our lives.

May God help us to realize more and more and better and better, what it is we have truly come to when we came to Jesus Christ and His New Covenant. The life Jesus brings us is the most wonderful life of all!


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One thought on “When We Come To Christ

  1. Junk is getting in on your blog.

    There is nothing as good as a Life with Jesus. Have to go thru things not pretty here on earth but look forward to be w/God’s people and study with them and worship w/them. I think when our hearts are right things look better thru the picture we see of Jesus and His Servants.

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