Acorns From Oakes

Seeing With Our Father's Eyes


Have you thought about how prominent a place prayer had in the last twenty-four hours (or so) of Jesus’ earthly life? There are a number of questions raised by the subject of prayer. Does prayer actually alter the will of God? Why should we pray if God already knows the thoughts of our minds as well as the needs of our hearts? And, maybe, particularly in our culture, shouldn’t we rather be busy about doing God’s will than spending time in prayer to Him? Isn’t it interesting that our Lord never gave a doctoral    dissertation on the subject of prayer? He never explained how prayer had meaning in light of the will of God? He didn’t pause to explain why we should pray when God already had perfect knowledge of all our thoughts. He was Himself one of the busiest humans ever to live. He was aware that His time among us was to be brief, so surely it was to be understood that prayer for Him would rob precious moments from His ministry. But, in fact, prayer was regarded by Jesus as vital. As others needed food, Jesus needed to pray. As others required rest, Jesus required prayer. As others relied on planning and strategy, Jesus relied on prayer. As others needed to talk with family, friends and co-workers, Jesus needed to talk to His Father in heaven. The purest, most virtuous, most powerful human Who ever lived needed, regular intercourse with His heavenly Father. When Jesus was with His followers in that upper room the night He was betrayed, He prayed over that meal…over the bread symbolizing His about-to-be-broken body, the cup symbolizing His about-to-be-shed blood. He said that He had prayed for Peter that his faith might not fail. After they left the upper room, somewhere along the way, before arriving at Gethsemane, Jesus uttered that beautiful amazing prayer which was largely on behalf of His followers that they might be kept in God’s Name, kept from the evil one and kept in unity that the world might be all the better enabled to believe on Jesus through their word. Jesus even had us in mind when He breathed that prayer asking God’s favor on all who would  (in the future) believe on Him through the word of the apostles (John 17:20f). A bit later, Jesus and His men entered Gethsemane, where we, in reverent silence, watch Him agonize in prayer, sweat falling from Him like great drops of blood, as He asked His Father three times to allow the terrible cup of suffering and woe to be removed from Him. He arose from prayer, satisfied as to His Father’s will and fully surrendered to it and to the desperate need of all of lost humanity through all the ages of earth. Then, hanging from the cross of shame and wracked throughout His tortured body with incalculable pain, He continues in prayer…“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing…” and “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” and, finally, “Father, into Your hands I commend My   Spirit.”

Our Savior shows us that it is not a theology of prayer that we most need. We simply need our Abba Father Who cares for, listens to, and moves in response to His children of faith.

Father, I thank You that You have heard MeI knew that You always hear Me…”      John 11:41-42

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One thought on ““Father!…”

  1. And I like that we can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. Like the teaching and learning everyday thru the highways and biways of the journey. We can pray for things from Him everyday. We can talk to him in explicit ways even tho we know he knows it. But He did say He wants us to Ask Him.

    My Brother Allen has been helping me have a rider mower to use in my hard now with legs needing little more help these days. I have had help from him two times to get use to the rider. Now yesterday I was going to use the mower without him around and just remember written down instructions. So I know God does hear me I took time to say a prayer since this was a larger mower than I have ever used. I made it very good with a couple of things could have done better but all was well. And I learned about the couple of mistakes and next time will do better. I do pray at different times with different things going on. And I pray for my brother trying to help me with making some things easier as I get older. Pray thanking my Brother.

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